iPhone 11 Pro Max


Screen Repair

We will install a new screen on your iPhone that comes with a lifetime warranty. Most of our screen repairs are done in under an hour and if you book an appointment online or over the phone you get $10 off. Come in today and let us get you fixed up.


Battery Repair

When your old battery is dying too fast or maybe your phone stopped turning on. Either way, we have you covered. We will install a brand new OEM grade battery to get your phone running like new and staying charged longer.

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Charging Port Repair

Most charging port issues that we repair just need a cleaning, which means if you bring it in today we can take a look at it and most likely get it cleaned up for you at no charge. If this is not the case we can install a new charging port into your phone and get you back to using your phone the way you want.

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Other Repairs

We can work on most of your iPhone problems from speakers to cameras and most everything in between. The best part is that we offer free estimates, so bring it in today and let us help you get your phone working at 100% again.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Our Promise To You

Lifetime Warranty on all iPhone Screen Repairs

We take pride in our parts and we are willing to go the extra mile and give you a promise that most would not expect. Our lifetime warranty! We source the best quality phone repair parts available so you can get the best repair possible.

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